Welcome to CodeZimple

CodeZimple is a website building system which aims to provide the simplest website services to people who does not even have a bit of programming knowledge. Our slogan is "even the computer dummies can make their own professional websites".

You may wonder since there are already Wordpress, Wix and other website building systems, do we still need another one? Yes, CodeZimple is specialized on a simple user admin interface and a fast, simple template development. Thus, if you find using Wordpress gives you a lot of headaches of learning how to change a certain portion of text or image on your page, with CodeZimple, you won't experience such things. Everything is very straight forward in this platform.

Since we love simple, our official website is designed as a very simple looking one. Just look at this home page, you will find yourself very easy to navigate on our site. And we hope you have a "zimple" time on our site!






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